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Interior Design by Sheena Murphy of sheep + stone | Photography by Nicole Franzen | Modern Sanctuary | A Renovated 1920’s California Home That Honors Both Coasts | Bedroom | Gray Bedroom | Traditional Bedroom |Contemporary Bedroom | Lighting
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Nicole Franzen & Design by Sheena Murphy of sheep + stone

We are thrilled to have reached 6 months of publication since launching Modern Sanctuary! The time has flown by! We are thankful for you – our loyal readers – and for the partnership of so many amazing designers, artists, and event planners who have helped us deliver beauty and inspiration each week. Their creativity, artistry and innovation has been an honor to showcase. So, in celebration of our Sanctuary Seekers and our artisan community, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite designer tips on how to create your own Modern Sanctuary – a space that brings you joy, peace and comfort.


Photography by David Duncan Livingston. Interior Design by Antonio Martins Interior Design. Fireplace Inspiration. Marble Fireplace. Glamorous Fireplace. Carrera Marble.
Photo by:
David Duncan Livingston & Design by Antonio Martins

1. “Try to not over-design. Pinterest is a blessing and a curse! Use it as a resource to find what you are drawn to and for new ideas, but don’t try and put every image or idea you find in one room. You want your home to feel curated and unique, not like you bought it all at once. ”  Becki Owens

2. “Think about a space and how it’s used. I love a dramatic interior, but I wouldn’t suggest it for your everyday living space.  Save this for a space that you use less often.” Suzanne Cunningham, One Girl Interiors

3. “Consider eliminating a TV. These days it’s easy to use computers and portable devices to catch up on your shows, making the need for a giant, bulky TV unnecessary. A large piece of art or other beautiful centerpiece can then become the focal point of the room.” Briana Nix



Interior Design by Fanny Abbes of The New Design Project | Photography by Alan Gastelum | Modern Sanctuary | A Chic Urban Loft in Jersey City | Living Room | Modern Living Room | Seating
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Alan Gastelum & Design by The New Design Project

1. “Introduce something in every room that is a little overscaled and doesn’t quite coordinate with the rest of the color scheme. It will add tremendous interest to the room.”  Gideon Mendelson

2. “I call it, “Spreading the love”. Mix high end pieces with existing, reinvented and sourced vintage pieces to achieve the look of quality while remaining budget conscious.”  Ami McKay, PURE

3. “Ever look at a space and wonder how perfect it looks? Well, if you were to dissect the image into thirds, you would notice that the pieces have been positioned on what is called an ‘interest point’, meaning this is where the eye is naturally led to when observing an image. It is globally accepted that these points create some of the most pleasing images therefore making them the Interior Design equivalent of the Holy Grail!”  Sylvia Roldan



Designer Sandie Tsai’s Eclectic Apartment in Atlanta | Interior Design by Sandie Tsai | Photography by Morgan Blake Beatton | Modern Sanctuary | Bedroom | Black Bedroom | Global Bedroom | Art
Photo by:
Morgan Blake Beatton & Design by Sandie Tsai

1. “People are often worried about color blocking or adding a dark color to their walls because they think it’s going to enclose their space. It doesn’t! If it is done properly it reflects the light and creates beautiful contrast.” Jamie Deck, Shift Interiors

2. “Paint walls, ceilings, doors and trim in the same colour, but in different finishes. Walls and ceilings in matte, trim and doors in satin. This creates a perfect backdrop to your interior.” Yanic Simard, TIDG



Photo by:
Eve Wilson & Design by Suzanne Cunningham of One Girl Interiors

1. “Always add art. Buy a piece that moves you and then hang it at eye level – art is often hung too high. Art adds a personal element to a space. It’s a great expression of your personal style. Also, art is a great conversation starter, there is always a story for why it was selected.” Becki Owens and Nicole Davis

2. “Lighting is the jewelry of most rooms, and is such an important focal point!  There are so many unique lighting sources out there, and using lighting in an unexpected way, in an unexpected location, really gives a space a unique feel.  While lighting is certainly a necessity, and serves a distinct purpose, it can also be the piece that makes a space unique.” Miranda Cullen, Duet Design Group

3. “Using different textures in the same color world instantly provides interest. Think velvet, linen, faux fur, mixing smooth, textured and reflective surfaces. Mixing organic and upholstered pieces is one of our signatures!” Lisa Sherry


Interior Design by Denise Davies of D2 Interieurs | Photography by Denise Davies | Modern Sanctuary | A Playful Family Home in Connecticut |Living Room | Modern Living Room | White Living Room
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& Design by Denise Davies of D2 Interieurs

1. Design your home for you. Not for instagram, not for your mom, not to instill jealousy – for YOU.” Jersey Ice Cream Company

2. “Surround yourself only with things that bring you pleasure and peace of mind every time you experience or interact with them — from the color of your walls to the tile in your bathroom to your furniture, right down to the utensils in your kitchen. Invest in beautiful, lasting things that you love and get rid of the rest.” Kevin Greenberg, Space Exploration

And Finally, Words to Live By…

I find that the most important parts of my day are the small rituals. Being so connected to the world on a daily basis makes it all the more important to make the details matter. Courtney Trump of LÜFT Design

Copy by
Cynthia Baxter
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