Eco-Friendly Bedding Collection by Ami McKay of PURE

A Canadian Line of Luxurious Bedding that Won't Break the Bank

A Distinctive, Eco-Friendly Bedding Collection by Ami McKay of PURE | Bedding Design by Ami McKay | Photography by Janis Nicolay | Modern Sanctuary | Bedding | Eco-Friendly Bedding | Modern Bedding | Lavender Bedding
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Janis Nicolay

With Fall upon us and nights starting to grow colder, it’s time to break out the comforters and the word COZY. Designer Ami McKay has partnered with Bed Bath and Beyond, Canada to create a sumptuous bedding line in mix and match shades of lavender, turquoise and gray with fun, modern patterns.

PURE is the product of Ami’s vision for a brighter future. In the course of her mission to make the world a better, more beautiful place, she is bringing healthy, sustainable design to homes across Canada. She marries clean lines, fresh design and a splash of fun into everything she touches and Canadians get to reap the benefit. With the unveiling of PURE, Ami introduced a delightful line of homewares and bedding designed to help you create your own sanctuary, turning your home into a place you love to inhabit.

Made predominantly of natural fiber cotton and bamboo, PURE bedding is Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning it is produced with eco-friendly materials and practices in mind. The dyes and manufacturing process are non-toxic, with no heavy metals which insures that the water coming out of the factories is as clean at it was going in. 

Ami explains the vision behind her bedding, “The PURE bedding line is inspired by the beautifully pristine environment that surrounds my home on the ocean in Vancouver, BC. The designs are full of natural organic shapes and soothing tones that you can mix and match with other pieces. It was important for me to create something not only beautiful and comfortable but also a product that isn’t harmful to the environment.

Pure Bedding is available exclusively for Canadian readers at stores across Canada and online at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Photo by:
Janis Nicolay
Photo by:
Janis Nicolay

Soft and touchable are the words that come to mind for these duvet covers.

Photo by:
Janis Nicolay

Can you picture yourself snuggled up in this bed on a lazy Sunday morning?

Photo by:
Janis Nicolay
Photo by:
Janis Nicolay

We love the mix and match aspect of these bedding options, the possibilities feel almost endless!

Photo by:
Janis Nicolay

You’re unique and distinctive. Your environment should reflect that, and it should make you feel happy every time you enter. PURE celebrates the best in you with designs that enhance your truly exceptional self.  Ami McKay

Meet the designer Ami McKay of PURE Interior Design

PURE Interior Design, led by Ami McKay provides consultation, design, and project management services to a wide range of clients in both the residential and commercial markets. The secret of our success lies in the incredible relationships we grow and nurture with our many diverse clients. We take time getting to know you and we aim for nothing less than excellence on each and every project. At PURE we create long term, close working relationships because we give you exactly what it is you desire. We always strive hard to create your perfect, ideal space.

Chatelaine calls Ami “One of Canada’s top five designers because she doesn’t follow the trends, she sets them”. Designing is an organic, holistic process for Ami. She blends periods and styles and adds her own subtle sense of whimsy to create a fresh and innovative space you will cherish for years to come.

Ami McKay’s intense passion for design lies in creating gorgeous, healthy spaces, marrying art, function, and form into one seamless whole.

What are some tips to help our readers create their own Modern Sanctuary?
1) Buy pieces you love and that excite you.
2) I call it, "Spreading the love". Which means we mix high end pieces with existing, reinvented and sourced vintage pieces to achieve the look of quality while remaining budget conscious.
3) Make sure it is comfortable by adding layers of textiles, books and plants. It is all about creating memories and a home that people gather in. I do this by having several enticing areas throughout our home to nestle into with a friend, a book, or a cup of tea.
Who are some of your favorite Craftsmen whose work you incorporate when designing a home?
Hinterland: This is a newer company in Vancouver making their own furniture. Their pieces are so distinctive! They use old trees from the Sunshine Coast and create contemporary, rustic pieces for your home.

Miriam Aroeste: Local Vancouver artist who makes bold hued contemporary art pieces that make a passionate statement in every space.

Janis Nicolay: Local Vancouver photographer, a visual storyteller who’s images are captivating and beguiling. Once you see her work, it is hard to forget.

Once A Tree Furniture: Family owned company we have worked with for years. Their team are warmhearted and caring while consistently producing and delivering beautifully well crafted pieces.
What is one small design change that makes a big difference?
Paint makes a huge difference in a space. Having the right colour sets the tone and feel for the whole house. It is a great solution for changing the look of your kitchen instead of replacing your cabinets. Paint the cabinets lighter for a fresh look, and add a bold patterned Moroccan floor tile to add individuality.
What is your Modern Sanctuary?
My home is my Sanctuary. We live in Lion’s Bay which is a town in the mountains, outside of the city. We live right beside the ocean in a contemporary, rustic style cabin home. It is fresh, bright, and away from the chaos of the busy city. It’s wonderful!
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