How to Transform Your Yard Into a Xeriscaped Oasis

Landscape Architects Eco Minded Solutions Share Tips for an Environmentally-Friendly Low-Maintenance Yard

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Photo by:
Joe Dodd

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Did you know that the average American family uses approximately 96 gallons of water per day on outdoor use? And sadly, a lot of this water gets wasted largely due to inefficient irrigation methods. I don’t know about you, but we were completely shocked by this number! Not to mention the astonishing amount of chemicals, fuel, time and money that is typically spent on lawn and garden maintenance.

Fortunately, there is a low-maintenance and superbly eco-friendly alternative to  conventional landscaping – xeriscaping. Due to xeriscaping’s use of stones and native drought-resistant plants, you can say goodbye to gas guzzling mowers, copious amounts of watering, fertilizers and toxic pesticides, and constant pruning and trimming! This means you get more time in your day to enjoy friends and family while also doing your part to conserve the earth’s natural resources. A mutually beneficial approach for both the environment AND you!

So, now that we may have convinced you to consider xeriscaping your yard, the question remains – How? That’s when we turn to the experts – California based landscape architects Eco Minded Solutions. Co-founder Barry Thau illustrates how to convert your outdoor space into a xeriscaped oasis through these 5 steps…

Photo by:
Joe Dodd

Replace your lawn with gravel and unique stones

This will reduce maintenance time while also saving money on water and mowing and helps keep soil cool and moist during the summer while warm during the winter to protect the xeriscape plants’ root systems.

Allow your plants to flourish while preventing water loss through using mulch to improve water retention.

Photo by:
Joe Dodd


The best plants to use for xeriscaping in California are fruitless olive trees, Palo Verde trees, peppermint trees, California lilacs, sage, gregillea, and rockrose.

To find plants native to your region, check out’s regional plant list finder.

Photo by:
Joe Dodd

Make occasional irrigation adjustments

Add a thick 3″ layer of mulch to your xeriscape to help reduce your watering and weeding routine.

Photo by:
Joe Dodd

Prune drought resistant plants

Choose plants that are not too big for your garden so you won’t have to prune so often and ones that look good or bloom all summer long, but don’t require deadheading.

Photo by:
Joe Dodd

Use drought tolerant succulent plants native to your region

Being local to San Diego, Eco Minded Solutions suggests planting a variety of ​Salvia species (perennials/shrubs), Leucophyllum species (shrubs), Agave species (succulents), Aloe species (succulents), Bougainvillea (vine), ​and ​Lantana species (ground cover)​​.

For more helpful information about xeriscaping your yard visit Eco Minded Solutions.

Meet the designer Eco Minded Solutions

Led by the founders, Josh Rosenthal, Barry Thau, and David Milton; Eco Minded Solutions is distinguished by their passion for the environment, innovative designs, superior craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Supported by a skilled team of designers and contractors, this well-regarded company is dedicated to focusing their expertise to meet their clients’ needs. From initial design phase to construction completion, Eco Minded Solutions continuously challenges themselves to uncover the best solutions for their customer’s desires.

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